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Kimberly says ... "it's so exciting!! Getting your email on the first of the month letting me know that my credit card has been charged ($65) and I have one appointment waiting for me forces me to do something GOOD for myself ... I LOVE IT!!!"

Electro Body Sculpting by Laurie Seghi

"I am soooooo impressed! I noticed a huge difference in my thighs and upper arms after the FREE TRIAL treatment. I was stunned! I've tried just about every treatment you've offered and this is by far the best. Thank you so much!"

Blessings Laurie, I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much my abdomen appearance has changed for the better since we last saw each other!! Mark noticed my 6 pack abs starting to form and he was soo was I. What God has given you is a magical and blessed gift. The machine does its part, I do mine, but, you do YOUR thing in placing and monitoring the patches for my very best interest. You can't be thanked enough in this fast paced world of ours!! Please let me know when the "club" starts..I want to be first on the list.

Maria has lost 2.5 inches and 3.5 lbs from her very first Session ... very excited ... loves the treatment!

Karen lost 5 inches on her very first Session!!! More to come for sure.

Cheryl lost 5 lbs just after her FREE TRIAL SESSION (1/2 the time of a normal treatment) and her husband lost 2 lbs. Both very excited to start their package. After her 1st treatment she mentioned she has a pair of jeans that she had trouble buttoning that she now doesn't even have to unbutton or unzip to take ... slide off! Cheryl has lost 9.5 inches so far after her first "5" treatments ... WAHOO!

"Strange in that I would 'expect' to feel like I had done a workout, but I had a different kind of muscle workout feel. Not like weights but like I had done some cross country skiing or hiking. I definately felt it. It is relaxing yet stimulating at the same time." (Kelly ... current "all natural" body builder after her first treatment)

Alyssa after her FREE TRIAL SESSION wrote ... "Love the treatment .. was able "to go" and felt like I've had a major workout ... slept like a baby ... lost 2 lbs ... inner thighs feel firmer too ... I want this machine!!!! (owns Skintastik Skin spa just down the street on Creekside)

Lynette mentioned that she has already dropped one pant size after only 6 treatments (and she's actually inbetween sizes ... could possibly go into the smaller size yet real soon) ... "I'm addicted. Oh well, better than drugs!!"

"Laurie, Well, this morning the pain is definately less than yesterday. In fact if this keeps up, I'll be really happy. Thank you so much. I'll let you know how it is tonight. Perhaps it really is a miracle." (Sharon ... broken knee cap with surgery 4 months ago .. finished physical therapy and still left with LOTS of pain ... this comment was after her FREE TRIAL SESSION of only 20 minutes ... WOW)

Eurowave Rapid Inch-Loss Treatments

Eurowave is awesome! I lost 4 1/2 inches over all in the first treatment and it was so comfortable I could have slept thru it! There is no creams or clays, no discomfort, it is spot-specific and the results are immediate! Couldn't ask for more! Thanks Laurie!

Hey ... I just measured myself after my first 6 treatments and I've lost 1/2" off my midriff, 1" off my waistline, 1" off my tumtum and 1" off my hips ... more to come ... YAHOO!!!
(Laurie Seghi, owner/operator)

Just wanted to let you know that the Eurowave we did on my pectorals worked great. I didn't think it worked at first, but the next day when I was lifting things and moving around they did not hurt at all!!! (Cheryl, after "wake boarding" for the first time in her 40's and suffering for days in her pectoral region, we did an additional Pectoral treatment after finishing her ab work just to try to flush the area out and remove the cause of the pain and soreness)

ThermoJet Infrared Body Wrap System

Kim ... needed to take a few inches off and lose a few pounds FAST in order to meet the physical requirements for the NAVY ... we didn't have much time but she was able to get three ("3") Infrared Body Wraps in over a 4-day period of time and wallah ... she lost 8 lbs, 1% Body Fat and at least 1" off her waistline ... Anchors Away ... she's IN!!!!! I'm so proud ...

Laurie these wraps are AMAZING! I swear I must have lost a pound and an inch from that one treatment! And it continues to detox your insides for a few days after the treatment. It’s just too wonderful for words!

Thank you so much for your wonderful ThermoJet treatment and personal touch! As with all of your treatments, it was a relaxing experience that left me feeling like a whole new person. As you know, I have tried just about everything for my chronic low back pain and nothing has made much of a difference or lasted for more than a day. On Saturday I had my first ThermoJet treatment. Immediately following the treatment I noticed not only did I feel lighter, but my pain had Vanished! Just writing this out brings tears to my eyes. It’s now Wednesday the next week and after a trip to San Francisco and sitting all day at work for three days I still feel just as wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Besides ridding me of pain, the treatment has some other Wonderful side effects! My clothes fit better, my skin is clearer, I have more energy, and my skin is like new…it’s SO soft and smooth! I can’t wait to come back this Saturday and see how it works after my Acupuncture appointment. We’ll have to try it a few times with different body oils and post treatments to see what works best! Thank you so much again, and I’ll see you Saturday!

Laurie, Sorry that I am just getting back to you. I was still enjoying the effects of my treatment. It was wonderful!! Thank you. The one thing that I noticed right away after the treatment is that I felt so incredibly slim in my tight jeans. They were not so tight after I had put them on. I also felt very detoxed. I almost didn't want to eat that day because I wanted to continue with the effects. If I could do this treatment on a weekly basis ~ I soooooo would!! I felt very comfortable during the treatment and I wouldn't change a thing. You are the greatest and I will probably try to have one done once a month if the hubby o.k.'s it. Thanks for all you do. You are the best!! (Nina)

Massage Therapy

Hi Laurie ... I'm writing to tell you that I feel great! I painted all afternoon and after standing for quite a while (2 hours or so) I sat down and lowered my easel and painted while sitting. Usually, I pay a price of VERY SWOLLEN legs/feet/ankles when I do this. NONE AT ALL!!! I feel like a normal person, I think. I've never had this before ... Thank you so much. (Val Warner, Wildlife Artist ( ... Massage/Spa Feng Shui/EB Cellular Cleanse Therapy ... overcoming the effects of years suffering with Turpentine Poisoning)

Hey Laurie! ... Thank you so much for all of your wonderful bodywork! I have to tell you, last night I had the best night's sleep since before Amaya was born! I didn't wake up once! When our alarm went off I was in such a deep sleep that it took me forever just to figure out what day it was and what I needed to be doing! ... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ... I haven't felt that rejuvenated in way too long!

"Good Morning, Laurie ... I just wanted to let you know that after the wonderful massage on Saturday, I woke up Sunday with no signs of muscle spasms or pain in my lower back. I even washed my car on Sunday. And I've been feeling great ever since. You're the BEST!!!

Laurie ... AWESOME, absolutely awesome ... I can't describe the massage you gave me today in any other words than that. My shoulder feels absolutely outstanding. It has not been this pain free since I injured it. I really hope they don't find anything wrong that would require any surgery ... I really enjoyed ASHIATSU today and look forword to more again soon ... and your location (comes from Arco Arena area) will not keep me away. ... (Steve, Natomas)

Thank you, Laurie!!!! We both thoroughly enjoyed our appointments at your restoration spa. Boy, we both really felt well restored! Vic had very little discomfort Monday and Tuesday following the triathalon and we both know that it was the massage that made all the difference. (Eileen and Vic, Folsom)

... I am so looking forward to meeting you, Laurie, and I felt that way even before talking to you on the phone. Your website does an excellent job of getting to know you and your "back story" which for me is very important. It helps to build trust and confidence even before our first appointment ... See you next Friday! (Lillian, Folsom)

Dear Laurie, Thank you for a truly beautiful experience ... I feel so completely rejuvenated! Laurie, you are a master of your craft. I am so happy that we met. My "fortieth birthday" was joyful. What a great gift!!! (Trudie, Folsom ... husband purchased a "Make the World Go Away" package online for her birthday)

Detoxification/Restoration Treatments

I had a very sore sprained ankle before I did the foot bath. After the treatment, the pain was almost gone and my ankle is almost as good as new now, after over 8 weeks of not getting better. (Val ... Detox footbath treatment)

Hi Laurie!!! ... I have been meaning to write to you ever since I left your place!!! I wanted to tell you what a wonderful and revitalizing time I had with you!!! It was just what I needed!!!! Not only did I feel completely cleansed and refreshed physically, but you also did wonders on my soul!!! I have since bought and read the book you introduced me to and have gone on to others as well. My soul searching has been very productive and I am starting to build and exude confidence as I strive to be the person that I know I can be., You are such a wonderful person and I feel soooo blessed to have you in my life and to have spent such wonderful time with you at a time when I definitely needed it!!! You are the best!!! Thanks again Laurie and we will be in touch for sure!!! :) (Jenica ... after her "Ultimate Cleansing Session"... has moved away and now drives 2 hours to her appointments!)

I feel like I'm on a really good drug today....last night I felt really good too....... I hope this keeps up. (Robin, first week of Internal Cleansing Kit)

Dear Laurie ... I have always viewed health in a holistic manner, and have taken an interest in alternative, non-traditional methods of self-healing. I'm 24 and work as an RN ... I've found that the stresses of a new job have taken a toll on my body as a whole; not only do my shoulders ache and my feet hurt, but I feel my entire body could use a detox. (I'd be interested in the internal clensing kit you offer later on as well.)

As for how I found you, I simply went searching online for spas around Folsom, and after looking at a few websites I found yours. What drew me to the services you offer is the fact that you don't just "fix" the outside, but look at the inside as well. Yes, I could definitely use some cellulite treatments before summer, but the ultimate clensing session seemed to be a good choice to start with... (Maryam, reply to my email after receiving notification of her upcoming "Ultimate Cleansing Session" appt scheduled online through this website).

I found you through google! and i'm so glad i did...i've been looking for a spa that is health minded, not just pampering minded, you know what i mean... (another email from a new client before her first "Ultimate Cleansing Session" treatment)

– Laurie C. Seghi