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Electro Body Sculpting
An Elegant Folsom Retreat

Signature Massage Therapy Treatments

Choice of:

  • Peace and Relaxation
  • Deep Pressure/Therapeutic
  • Pregnancy Massage
60 Minute Session $ 100
90 Minute Session $ 150

Special Packages & Programs

That "Little Black Dress" Package
Need help fitting into that special outfit?? Wedding dress?? Vacation coming up??? This is perhaps the most profound combination of state-of-the-art techniques to achieve your goal. We start with a powerful ElectroBodySculpting Session (electrical muscle stimulation with specific programing for deep fat burning, muscle toning and cellulite/surface fat burning) then wrap you in robe and slippers and take you across the hall for dreamy session of the Infrared Body Wrap System using the Sudatonic Barrier Creams and Infrared (burn from 1800 - 4000 calories while you sleep). You will be amazed at how much lighter, tighter and toned you feel afterwards!!!!!

Please allow for 3 hours $ 240

ElectroBodySculpting Treatments

Single Session $ 120
Package of 5 Sessions (savings of $50) $ 550
Package of 10 Sessions (savings of $200) $ 1000

Sudatonic Infrared Body Wrap Treatments

It's a Wrap (package of 5 for $550 or 10 for $1000) $ 120